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About the Course

If you already know something about phonics or you want to ensure you are teaching your child correctly, then this session is for you. Joy will take you through a systematic programme, introducing you to a method which enables your child to read sentences within a few weeks. The Fab Phonics programme integrates learning letter sounds, blending, sight words and sequencing, to enable quick, meaningful progress. The programme also focuses on building vocabulary and understanding.
3 days of intensive training. The course is a perfect blend of theory and practical ideas you can immediately use with your students.
Day 1
How phonics relates to child development
Pre-reading skills
Letter order / recognition
Writing integration
Onset / rime / rhymes
Day 2
Word families
Beginnings / endings
Digraphs / blends
double letters
soft c/g
c k ck ke
Day 3
Suffixes / prefixes
Silent Letters
r / l controlled words
magic e

Phonics Certificate Course


£30 / $40 / Rs 2999


10 hours

Your Trainer

Joy Townsend

Joy Townsend

Joy Townsend has over 25 years experience in Education in the UK and India. She is the author of the Fab Phonics series which has successfully been used by 100,000s of children. Her training is dynamic, informative and extremely practical.

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