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About the Course

How do you start teaching your child to read? What is the sequence and how to make it interesting? What is blending and segmentation and what about comprehension? If you want these questions and more answered then join this course.
Joy will systematically take you through the process of teaching your child to read. Lots of top tips will be shared and practical activities you can use with your child to make learning fun and interesting. Take the tears out of learning and enjoy the process.
The session will include:
Pre-reading skills
Letter order (not alphabetical)
Reading skills
HF words
Integration with the Fab Phonics programme
Online learning tips

Phonics Introduction


£7.50 / $10 / Rs 799


3 hours

Your Trainer

Joy Townsend

Joy Townsend

Joy Townsend has over 25 years experience in Education in the UK and India. She is the author of the Fab Phonics series which has successfully been used by 100,000s of children. Her training is dynamic, informative and extremely practical.

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